Part 7: Attachments (3:42)

This is Part 7 of our Video DYI Training Series.  This will introduce the new Attachments Screen as well as introduce how you can share attachments and file links in Production Books.




"In Propared, you can create Attachments and add them to your Production Books along side schedule information to create comprehensive digital resources to share with your team.

Propared does not physically host files. Instead, it creates an 'Attachment'. This is an object that links to a File or Folder hosted somewhere else. By doing it this way, you can pull together files from multiple sources into Propared. For example, if your company uses dropbox but a guest designer shares something via Google Drive you can include them both. You can also use Attachments for linking out to other things like Forms and Webpages. And, if you need to change out the file you can simply update the link in the Attachments screen and your team doesn't need to do anything different.

Let's start by going to the Attachments Screen. This is your global attachments list where you'll create, tag, and update file links.

Let's create a new Attachment and give it a Name. This is the Ground Plan

Next we'll want to paste in a link to a file. As an example, let's say I want to link out to a file in my Dropbox. To get the link, I just navigate over to drop box, click "Share", and copy the URL.

Then I pop back into Propared and paste in the link and add a description of what I've linked to.

Then, I can tag my Attachment with any number of Projects, Categories, and Departments. By tagging an Attachment with multiple Projects you'll be able to use the same Attachment in multiple places throughout Propared without having to create additional copies of it.

This is especially helpful if you have all of the documents for a venue, such as the CAD drawings, inventory, rules and regulations etc. Every time you work in that Venue you can simply re-use the same files again by tagging them to the new project.

Now I want to share some attachments to my cast, crew or vendors. To do that, I pop over to the Production Book screen, select a Production Book, edit the Production Book and scroll down to the Attachments Section.

Make sure to Click the check box to include your attachments.

Currently we have 2 options on how to select attachments to be included in this production book:

First, I can select one or more Projects. This will include EVERY Attachment that has been tagged with this Project in the Attachments Screen. Furthermore, any new Attachments that you tag with this Project, will automatically appear in this Production Book.

The second option is to individually select which Attachments I'd like to add. Currently the Category and Department Tags cannot be used to select Attachments. For now.

Remember to click Save

Now let's take a look at a Production Book. Notice that there are two tabs you can now click between: Schedule and Attachments.

When I click "Attachments" I'm taken to that page where I can see a list of all the Attachments that I've chosen to include. Just like the schedule, this list will auto-update as you make changes.

Listing Attachments with a schedule can be helpful in a huge variety of situations like creating a daily call sheet, assembling documents for a tour stop, or giving a crew member all the resources they'll need to do their job that day.

That's it for now. Have a great day!"


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