How to Add Attachments

About Attachments

The Attachments screen is where you can manage all of the files, folders, forms, and websites for your shows or projects.  Propared doesn't physically host these things, but rather provides you a place to manage all of them by linking out to where they are hosted (by either linking directly to the file or to the folder it is stored in). When you create your Production Books you will be able to choose which Attachments to include based on how you've tagged them!

How to Add Attachments 

  1. Click on the Attachments Screen.
  2. Click the "+ Attachment" button in the upper right corner.
  3. Give the Attachment a Name. This name is what will appear when you share the Attachment.  
  4. Navigate to the file or folder in your file hosting system and copy the url link.  See this article for instructions for doing this in some common file hosting solutions.
  5. Paste the url into the "Link" field.  
  6. Add a description (optional).
  7. Select the Project(s) from the dropdown that you want to associate this Attachment with (you can also choose "All Projects).  Selecting a Project will allow you to include these links in Production Books.
  8. Add Department and/or Category tags.  These will be used to find sets of Attachments in the Attachment screen and in your Production Books.
  9. Click "Save".


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