Known Bugs

Every program is a work in progress. Here are the bugs that we currently know about and are in the process of addressing:

All Screens:

  • Some tags do not have an "X" next to their name.
    • Workaround: Click into the field to display the selector and de-select the tag.
  • Sometimes the chat icon covers up content.
    • Workaround: Use the browser to zoom out if possible.
  • Some screens do not display who last edited and updated an object.

Timeline Screen:

  • When quick-adding a contact to a booking, it is not automatically selected after creation.
    • Workaround: Click back into the selector once the contact is created and select the contact.
  • Conflicts do not currently display unless all conflicting events are visible in the Timeline.
    • Workarounds:
      • Display all projects in the Timeline to ensure that all conflicts are visible.
      • Create a Production Book calendar and choose "Group-By Location" to better see overlaps.

Production Books Screen:

  • When enabling/disabling a webpage, sometimes the URL does not display.
    • Workaround: Close the details panel and reopen it.

Public Webpages:

  • Overnight Tasks do not currently display the correct Time formatting.

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