How to Add Attachments to Production Books


Adding Attachments

All Attachments must first be set up in the Attachments Screen.  See Adding Attachments for more details.
  1. Navigate to the Production Book Screen.
  2. Select an existing Production Book and click "Update Book" or create a New Production Book by clicking the "+ Book" button
  3. In the Production Book Settings, navigate to the Attachments section.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the Attachments header to make the attachments page for your viewers. 
  5. Select a Project or Projects. Any attachments tagged to these Projects will appear the Production Book. 
  6. You can also individually select Attachments by typing into the Attachments box.
  7. Attachments are accessible by visiting the Public Webpage for this Production Book.

Tips: By selecting a Project, any future Attachments that you tag with this Project will automatically be included in the Production Book.



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