How to Add Multiple Email Addresses to Your Profile


How to Add Multiple Email's to Your Profile.

Adding additional email addresses can assist you in gaining access to projects, or allow you to log in with one email address (such as your personal email) and still gain access to projects shared with another email ( such as your work email). You can add as many email addresses as you want.

In order for projects to show up in your account you must have the email address that the projects were shared to in your Profile.

  1. Navigate to your Profile by selecting the Avatar in the upper right hand corner and selecting your name at the very top.
  2. This will automatically navigate you to your personal profile contact record.  You will notice that the name at the top of the page is your personal name, not the name of any organization you have access to.  You may also have a contact record associated with your name in your organizations portfolio.  Adjusting that contact record will not adjust your personal account profile.
  3. Edit your Personal name record and select "Add Another Email" button.
  4. Enter your additional email address.  
  5. Optional:  Select the "Send all email notifications from this address" button if you wish communications sent from you to have this email address in the To: or Reply To: fields of emails. 
  6. Click the green checkmark to Save.

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