Known Bugs

Every program is a work in progress. Here are the bugs that we currently know about and are in the process of addressing:

Attachments Screen:

  • Project Managers are unable to edit their Attachments once they've been created.
    • Workaround: Have an Owner or Admin make any edits needed.

Timeline Screen:

  • Users are unable to Batch Add Team Members using Groups when no Contacts are assigned.
    • Workaround: Add Roles one at a time.
  • After adding a Task, sometimes the Team Members do no immediately display.
    • Workaround: Click away from that Task and then back into it.

Public Webpages:

  • List Layout: When "Group by Project" is used, Project headers do not sort alphabetically.
  • Overnight Tasks do not currently display the correct Time formatting.
  • The first letter of each word in the Title is automatically capitalized.

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