Part 8: Project Cloning and Archiving Training Video (2:42)

This is Part 8 of our Video DYI Training Series.  In this we introduce Project Cloning and Project Archiving when projects are complete.


Propared DIY Training Part 8: Project Cloning & Archiving


From here, you can clone past projects. Let’s say we have another show coming up that’s practically identical to Lion Queen. To clone it, select it and click the Clone button over on the right, and enter a name for the new show.

Now, in the same window, we can establish new dates for the new show. You can either shift by a specific unit of time like a month or a year or use a reference task from the original Timeline.

To use a reference task, all we have to do is pick a Task from the Lion Queen Timeline that we want to have as a reference date. In this case, we’re going to use opening night. To do this, type in Performance and select it. Then just enter the date of the new opening night for Sound of Muzak.

When you clone, Propared duplicates the entire project and moves shifts it so that your new Timeline lines up appropriate to the new opening night.

We’re going to go ahead and pick a new color for Sound of Muzak.

Let’s pop over to the season calendar and give it a refresh to see our new show.

One great way to use Project cloning is to set up a project that acts as a template. You can add in basic info like designer deadlines, a rough rehearsal schedule, and roles. Then clone from that, and use it as a starting point for future shows. Using this feature, you’ll be able to build out a season calendar in no time.

Finally, when you’ve finished with a show and are ready to put it to bed, you can archive the show. Just select the Project, edit, and click on this icon. When you Archive a show it will disappear from all Filters as well as from the drop-down in the Team and Timeline screens."


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