Part 9: Settings and Access Training Video (1:52)

This is Part 9 of our Video DYI Training Series.  In this we introduce the Settings you can update and how to grant Access to managers to edit in the program.


Propared DIY Training Video 9: Settings & Access


"To get to your settings screen, click on the little avatar in the upper right corner, and select “Settings”. Here you can choose your preferred date and time formats.

To when you’re ready to start letting other people edit information in Propared, click on the Access button below the name of your organization. This will display a list of all people who have editing access to your system.

To add a new user, click on the green +User button and enter a Contact from your Contacts Screen or an Email Address. You have 2 options for editors: Administrator and Project Manager.

Administrators are great for full-time staff members. They will be able to see and edit all projects, create new projects, and assign Project Managers. To make someone an administrator, just click the checkbox.

Project Managers are users who have access to only a subset of your projects and are great for Stage Managers. To make someone a project manager type the project or projects that you want to give them access to.

When you save the user, they will receive an email from Propared asking them to create their account. After they’ve done this, they’ll be able to sign in and start working with you!

You can also give Project Manager access directly from the Projects screen by selecting and editing the Project and entering the Project Manager you wish to assign.

From the Avatar menu you can also change your password or sign out of Propared."

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