Using Propared to Manage Your Spaces




  • Eliminate confusion by providing a single, auto-updating calendar that people can check before making requests.
  • Distribute a Request Form right along side the calendar.
  • Keep your space reservations in the same system as all other show activity that may be sharing those spaces.

Step 1: Set up a Request Form

Using Google Forms, create a new form that includes fields and relevant questions that you want to know from people who will be requesting the space such as which space they're requesting, how many people will be there, and what equipment they might need.

Then create an Attachment in Propared using the URL from the Google Form. Name it "Space Request Form" or something like that.

Step 2: Create a Space Management Calendar

To create a space management calendar:

  • Create a new Production Book that includes Tasks from all spaces that you want to track.
  • Select the Layout "Calendar" and "Group by Location".
  • You can also choose to hide Team and Notes if you'd rather that information not display.
  • Add the "Space Request Form" as an Attachment.

Now you have a Calendar URL that you can share with anyone you want. They'll be able to see whether or not a space is available on any given day, plus they'll have immediate access to the Request Form!

Step 3: Add the New Info to Propared

Now that the calendar has been built and distributed we can await our first space requests!

When it comes and has been approved, you can check the same Space Calendar web page to confirm availability.

Then, add the Task to the appropriate project in Propared (You could create several projects for different events, or just put it all in one Project.

Be sure to tag the new Task with the correct location.

As soon as you make the addition, your Space Calendar will be updated instantly to reflect the new information, ensuring no one else will request the space at that time!


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