Using Propared to Track Equipment


  • See where key equipment is and if it's available in the future.
  • Ensure nothing gets double-booked.

Step 1: Set up Category Tags for Each Item

Let's say you've got a Genie Lift and a Projector that are shared between your venues. Create a Category Tags for them called "Genie Lift" and "Projector" (or maybe something more creative).

Step 2: Add Tags to Tasks

Let's say tomorrow you have a Load-In for one show and a Performance for another.

  • Select the Load-In and add the Category "Genie Lift".
  • Select the Performance and add the Category "Projector".

Step 3: Create a Calendar for your Genie Lift

  • Create a new Production Book and call it something like "Equipment Tracking Calendar".
  • In the Schedule select "All Projects" and pop in all your Equipment Category Tags ("Genie Lift, "Projector", etc).
  • Select the Layout "Calendar" and "Group by Location".

Now open up your Calendar Webpage. Using the Category Filter you can select any piece of equipment you want to see where it is and when it's available!


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