Using Propared on Tours

If you plan tours, you're probably dealing with those dreaded Time Zones. Propared has some really great tools for ensuring you're tracking and communicating all the times correctly.


  • Track multiple Tour stops in Propared recording information in local time.
  • Generate calendars that display tour stops in their local times, even if they're in different time zones.
  • Build Digital Production Books for each tour stop.

Step 1: Set up Each Tour Stop as a Project

In Propared, Time Zones are tracked on a Project-by-Project basis. Which means that you can create a Project for each of your tour stops and select the local time zone for that stop.

Step 2: Enter Your Schedule

Within each Project Timeline, add in all the schedule information for this stop.

TIP: If each stop on the tour is going to be similar, you can create one and then just clone it in the Project Screen and tweak what is different!

Step 3: Add your Advance Files

Then create Attachments in Propared using the URLs for all of your advance sheets, light plots, ground plans, etc.

Tag them to the Tour Stops that they will be relevant to.

Step 4: Create a Global Tour Calendar

  • Create a new Production Book that includes all your tour stops.
  • TIP: You can also choose to include a smaller selection of schedule information by tagging certain tasks with a Category like "Global Calendar" and then Filtering by that Category.

Step 4: Build Production Books for your Tour Stops

  • Create a new Production Book.
  • For your Schedule, put the Tour Stop into the Project Field.
  • For more detailed schedules like this, "List Layout" may be preferable.
  • Under the Attachments section, select the Tour Stop to include all Attachments that you tagged with that Tour Stop back in the Attachments Screen.

Now you have sharable webpages for both a Global Tour Calendar as well as detailed information for each tour stop that you can share with anyone!

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