Payment Types and Taxes

This article includes will help you understand payment types and taxes

Payment Types

Credit Cards

We accept all major Credit Cards straight through the App! This is our preferred method of payment.  It's simple, easy and low hassle. Before your trial is up, we'll ask you to update your billing information. How do I update my billing info?

Other Payment Types

We understand that not all organizations work on the 'credit card is easiest' track.  While we prefer credit cards, we are able to be flexible and can handle PO/Invoice billing, ACH Transfer and Wiring payment.

You want to pay us?  We'll figure out how to let you.

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Sales Tax

Do you collect Sales Tax in the US and/or VAT Tax in the EU and other regions?

The short answer is Yes.  We do collect and remit sales tax for all applicable countries, states and regions.  Software as a Service (SaaS) and Sales Tax is constantly changing legislation globally.  Your quote from us does not include sales tax, as it is calculated at the time of charge. 

I'm Sales Tax or VAT Tax Exempt!

Okay!  We keep exemption certificates on file and audit them for expiration each year. In order for your subscription to be charged without sales tax in applicable countries, states and regions we must have documentation on file prior to your renewal.  

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