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Let's take a look at the Reports Screen.

The Reports Screen is a place to take notes about what has happened. The basic form and contact is modeled around theatrical rehearsal and performance reports. However, they can be used in a variety of additional settings such as end of night reports, meeting minutes, and initial client conversations.

Using Propared reports creates a common format across all of your reports even if they are being created by different people in your organization. They are also stored in your projects and are viewed and shared in the same way as Production Books through public webpages.

To get started, click the "New Report" button.

At the top of the screen you can choose which project you want to create this report for. Lets choose Lion Queen, and create a rehearsal report for August 16th rehearsal.

In the blank Report you’ll see some familiar looking fields where you can list a Date and Location.

Below that, you'll find the "In Attendance" section where you can list Team members that were present and add a note about each one.

Below that you’ll see a text field for “General Notes” where you can put in anything you want depending on the report such as Show Timings, what you did today, or what the plan is for tomorrow.

Then we have our notes sections broken up by Department Headers. Simply type a note and then select a Department. As you create more notes, they will automatically sort under their appropriate departments.

Once you're done, you can view the report by clicking on the URL. You can also select the report and email it to any group or person that you want!

In previous versions of Propared there were other types of Paperwork that you could create. These have since been retired, but if you have any, they will still be visible here and tagged with "Old Paperwork"

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