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Let’s take a look at the Reports Screen.

The Reports Screen is a place to take notes about what has happened. The report is modeled around theatrical rehearsal and performance reports. However, they can be used in a variety of additional settings such as end of night reports, meeting minutes, and initial client conversations.

Using Propared reports creates a common format across all of your reports even if they are being created by different people in your organization. They are also stored in your projects and are viewed and shared in the same way as Production Books through public webpages.

There are two ways to create reports. You can create one from scratch here in the Reports Screen, OR, you can make one directly from an event in the Timeline. So, let’s say we have this rehearsal and we want to create a rehearsal report. In the Timeline, I will select the event and then select Create Report from the More Menu dropdown. I will select starting from a Blank template as we have not created any report templates yet. You will see also that there is a new icon in the status column of the table indicating that a report is linked to this event.

This moves us over into the Reports screen.

At the top of the screen you can see that it has populated our project and the information from the rehearsal such as the date, and location. If I was to create a blank report from this screen, I would want to select the Project this report was in. I could also select an event from that timeline to populate it’s information. It is not required that you select an event however.

Below the general info, you’ll find the “In Attendance” section where you can list Team members that were present and add a note about each one. You can see that since both Charles and Jessie are associated with the event they have been populated when we linked this event.

Below that you’ll see a text field for “General Notes” where you can put in anything you want depending on the report such as Show Timings, Audience Counts, what you did today, or what the plan is for tomorrow.

Since this is a rehearsal report, i’m going to put in Start Time: 2pm when we took our break Break: 5:00pm and the End Time: 8pm

Then we have the meat of the report, which is our notes sections broken up by Department Headers. Simply type a note and then select a Department. As you create more notes, they will automatically sort under their appropriate departments.

Props: Need a Phone that Rings

Costumes: Sally needs pockets in dress

Once you’re done, you can view the report by clicking on the URL. You can also select the report and email it to any group or person that you want!

So, now that we have a Report, we can create a template from this report so we can reuse on future rehearsals.

Lets select the checkbox for the report and in the More Menu select Save as Template. You can now see our template. Lets open it and you can see the General notes and department notes. We can remove anything that was specific to the yesterdays rehearsal and leave things that will be useful going forward, like Start Time, Break and Dates and the Department Headers.

To create a new report from this template select New Report and select From Template.

In the Timeline, you can also now see that our rehearsal has a report icon in the table, and in this event there is a new section that included the reports associated with this event.

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