Upgrading, Renewing and Downgrading

I'd like to add more users to my subscription!

Reach out to us through the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner!  We'll get them added ASAP! 

Subscription upgrades take effect right away. We will prorate the difference for the remainder of your billing cycle, and charge your card immediately for the new users.

Your original billing date will remain the same, and all future account renewals will be processed at the new, higher Subscription rate.

How do I renew my Subscription?

You don't have to do anything! All Propared Subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled prior to renewal date!

How do I cancel my Subscription?

The Owner of the account will need to be logged in to do this.

If you are the owner, you can cancel your subscription yourself by:

  1. Clicking on the Settings Screen in the Left Navigation bar.
  2. Select the '$ Subscription' tab 
  3. Select the 'See Billing Info' (This will open another browser window)
  4. Click the 'Cancel Subscription' button. This can be found above your Next Invoice Date and Total.

Additional Questions? Not able to log in as the owner?

Just chat with us!


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