Ensuring Success with Propared

Onboarding a new software to your organization can be difficult.  We aim to make it easier with these suggestions on succeeding with Propared.

Ensuring Success with Propared

Working with Propared is not just about a new software platform. You're also developing a new internal workflow for organizing and distributing information.

Making changes can be challenging. A certain level of commitment is necessary for you to be successful in bringing about this desired change.

During our first month together, you'll want to set aside some time between our meetings to work in the program and establish your new workflow. This will allow you to get the most out of our working sessions and ensure successful implementation of Propared.

If you don't think you currently have the bandwidth, let's chat and figure out a good game-plan together.


Who should learn Propared first?

Propared is an intuitive, cloud-based platform so no prior knowledge of specific computer systems or IT background is required to set it up.

Prior to our first meeting together, identify a point person or a small group who will lead the Propared on-boarding initiative from your company. Preferably, this will be someone with an understanding of the workflow you're looking to improve and will be working in the program on a regular basis going forward.

Once they have a game-plan, Propared can then be rolled out to other users in your organization.

You'll then want to continue to meet regularly (especially early on) so that everyone can have input on how the system is implemented.


Create documentation to ensure you whole team is on the same page.

You can download a template to help train your team up once you have a new workflow figured out.

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