Part 9: Crew Management and Labor Booking Training Video (4:05)


Let’s go back and look at the section of the Timeline Screen called Crew Management. Each event in your Timeline can include Crew and is useful for those times when you’re booking large numbers of people for an event, and you need to track extra details about each person you’re lining up, such as their specific role, unique times, or whether or not they are confirmed.

The Crew Management section of an Event is similar to the Team section for People but instead of simply listing all Team Members associated with an event like we do here with the Rehearsal, the crew management section creates individual “crew” slots for each person. When you create crew slots you can pre-fill them with people or create empty slots to fill in later.

Some examples of scenarios where Crew Management and Bookings may be useful would be Load-ins and Load-outs, Costume Fittings, or Volunteer Schedules. Though in each of these scenarios, you may still decide to use the Team section if you don’t need as much detail or granularity.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Say we’re creating a Load In call for Lion Queen which will require 1 crew chief and 2 stagehands. Our crew chief works with us full-time but our stagehands are overhire so we don’t know who they are yet.

Let’s start with creating the Event, enter the name Load-In and add a Date, Time, and Location

November 3rd 10am start for 8 hours Main Stage

In the Crew Management section select ADD and then Single Add. Now you can see that we can add a Status, The Name of the person filling the Role and the Job Title. Let’s select Lee Westy, and add the Role of Crew Chief. We know that he is confirmed, so lets select confirmed status.

Now lets add 2 empty stagehand slots. Click on “Add”,, then Bulk Add. Let’s add the Role Stagehand, and change the number to two under quantity. If we were building a lot of crew slots, we could add them all here by adding another row.

So create these 2 stagehand slots.

Now pop in the names of the stagehands that we initially want to reach out to. Click on the Name slot, and add:

Jennifer Gibbs. We can mark this slot as tentative.

So, say we have a lot of crew slots created in many different projects or events. I can go to the Crew Management tab at the top to manage them all together. I can sort by status to just see the slots I still need to confirm or fill.

I can also create new booking slots from this tab as well. Here, I would also need to select the Project and the Event from the Timeline.

One great thing about Bookings is that Propared will automatically check for conflicts across all other Projects. If there’s an overlap, you’ll see a conflict icon. Let’s simply clone the load-in booking for Lee Westy to see what this looks like. Now that these are both on the same day and time with the same person we’ll see this icon and we can click on it to see the details.

So, Crew Management bookings can appear in Production Books if you want. Let’s look at the settings for the Production Book settings.

If you don’t want Bookings to appear in a particular Schedule, you can toggle off the Include Crew option for the Schedule Page..

Also, as you add bookings and roles, they will continue to fill out your Project Team.

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