How to Import/Upload Tasks and Schedules from a .CSV file

This article explains how to import schedule and event information into a Project Timeline

How you can Import Schedule and Event information in Propared

Sometimes we begin a planning process in spreadsheets and it would be useful to get that information into Propared without having to manually add it all.  No fear, you can use our Importing via .CSV file to do just this.

Preparing your File for Importing via .CSV

*For best results, we recommend using Propared's Import Template when preparing for importing via .CSV file

Successful Importing requires that the information in your spreadsheet and the Propared fields be mapped to each other.  The Propared Template allows the mapping process to go very quickly. 

However, we also provide you a manual mapping validation process as well to assist you in ensuring that your information gets to the correct place in Propared incase you don't use the Import Template.

Importing schedule information into Propared via .CSV

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to the Timeline Screen
  3. Select the 'More' button in the top right menu and select 'Import'
  4. Select the .CSV file you wish to Import, or drag your file into the import modal.
  5. Select one of your current Active or Draft Projects to import into. Currently, new Projects must be created in the Projects Screen before events can be imported into them.
  6. Ensure that the mapping looks correct.  You can adjust any mapping by clicking on the Propared Fields.
  7. You can step through a Preview of each line of the spreadsheet by using the '< >' arrows at the top right
  8. Select the 'ignore first row' toggle to avoid importing column headers as an Event.
  9. When you are happy, select 'Import' at the bottom of the modal.

Best Practices for Importing

Required Fields

  • The only required fields are 'Task Name'.  All other fields are optional.  If there is no Task Name, the line will not import.

Multiple Values in a Single Field

  • If you have multiple values within a single field, they must be separated by either a comma (,) or a semi-colon (;).

People, Organization and Location Matching

  • For the People & Organization and Location fields, we'll search your existing Propared Contacts, and attempt to match them by their name.
  • The Person and Organization Name must match exactly using First Name and Last Name or Organization Name, but it is NOT case sensitive (i.e., we ignore the letter case)
  • The Location/Spaces you must include BOTH the Space and the associated Location. Example: Scenic Shop (Mulligan Arts Center). If you only include the space or just the location it will not attempt to match.
  • For any Contacts we cannot match, that value will be saved in the Notes field with text "Assigned Team: contact name"

Date & Time Formatting

  • We use your personal date and time format preferences (found in the User Avatar>Profile>My Preferences) to determine if dates should be validated using Month-Day-Year versus Day-Month-Year.
  • If we encounter any unexpected issues for the date or time (e.g., non-chronological date/time or unsupported format/notation), we'll import whatever values we can, and tag the Task with an import error.
  • See below for a detailed list of supported date/time formats


Date:  March 5 (current year is assumed)
  • 3/5
  • 3-5
  • and any combination with or without preceding zeros
Date:  March 5, 2023
  • 3/5/23
  • 3/5/2023
  • 3-5-23
  • 3-5-2023
  • and any combination with or without preceding zeros
Time:  6:30 AM
  • 6:30am
  • 6:30 am
  • 630a
  • 630 a
  • 630
  • 6:30
  • and any combination with or without preceding zeros
  • NOTE:  a/am is case insensitive
Time:  6:30 PM
  • 6:30pm
  • 6:30 pm
  • 630p
  • 630 p
  • 1830
  • 630 pm
  • and any combination with or without preceding zeros
  • NOTE:  p/pm is case insensitive


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