Part 13: Settings, Preferences and Access Training Video (4:30)


In Propared there are two places to update settings.

The first is your personal profile. This is where you can go to view information about your personal account.

To get to your profile, click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and select “Profile”. Here you can update your Name, and Email addresses. If someone wants to grant access to you using a different email address than you use to login, you can add it in this screen. This way you can login with a personal email address, but still gain access to organizations portfolios using your work email address. You can also upload an avatar image here and reset your password. We highly recommend resetting your password regularly as a good security practice.

On the My Access tab, you’ll see all of the Portfolios and/or projects that you currently have access to.

On the My Preferences tab, you can update your personal date and time format preferences.

From the Avatar menu you can also gain access to our Support Documentation and sign out of Propared.

The second place to access settings is from the Settings screen in the main navigation bar. This is where you can go to view information about your organization’s portfolio, and changes made here will be seen across the entire portfolio regardless of which user signs in. Only owners and administrators may access the settings screen. If you are a project manager, this screen will be disabled.

The first tab is for granting Access to your organizations Portfolio and projects. Owners can grant Administrator and Project Manager access, Administrators can grant Project Manager Access.

At the top of the screen you can see the number of Admin and Project manager slots used out of those available based on your subscription.

In the table you can see everyone who has editing access to your organization Portfolio.

To add a new user, click on the new User button and select a Contact from your Contacts Screen or add a new Contact. (Charles Feng)

It is required for a user to have an email address in the system. If you want to share access with someone in your Contacts that doesn’t currently have an email address you’ll be prompted to add one. (Select Ryan Kirk)

Next select your access type.

Administrators can see and edit all projects, create new projects, and assign Project Managers. It’s great for full-time staff members. To make someone an administrator choose it from the dropdown menu.

Project Managers are users who have access to only a subset of your projects and are great for Stage Managers or other managers brought on to work on one or a limited number of shows. To make someone a project manager choose it from the dropdown menu and then select the Projects you want them to have editing access to.

When you save, the user will receive an email from Propared asking them to create their account or login with an existing account. After they’ve done this, they’ll be able to sign in and start working with you!

Next is your Portfolio Preferences tab. Here you can set the default Time Zone for the portfolio. This means that when you create new projects the timezone will default to this one. You can manually override this on a project by project basis. The Timeline Screen will also default to this timezone when you are looking at more than one project.

You can also choose your Currency, as well as a Default Date and Time format for all of the Portfolios Production Books.

If you upload a company logo here, it will be included in the upper corner of all Production Books. Let’s add our company logo now.

The last tab is for managing the organizations subscription. Only Owners can access this tab. Here you’ll see the type of subscription you have and a link to your subscription management page.

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