Part 1: Introduction and Home Screen Training Video (2:21)


Welcome to the Propared training series. In this series of videos you’ll get up and running with Propared, as well as get a broad overview of the different things you can do in the app

The best way to use these videos is to follow along in your own account, pause as you go, and create some content along with us. You can always go back and delete stuff later. If you don’t have an account yet, that’s okay as well. This will still be very beneficial.

Ultimately, how you use Propared may be different from the examples you’ll see here. Keep in mind, there’s no one right way to use Propared. Once you see how Propared works through these videos, you’ll be able to start making decisions about your own workflow. For now, as you are getting familiarized with where things are, there are no wrong decisions so let’s jump right in!

For our example here we’re working at a theatre company called the Helleuey Theatre that produces their own work and has a venue they work out of. If this doesn’t match your exact work environment, don’t sweat it. This will still work if you’re at a performing arts center, university arts program, corporate events, a house of worship or any other live event organization. You can either follow along exactly or put some stuff in more appropriate for you.

[Video to show Home Screen]

After you sign in you are automatically taken to the home screen. If you navigate away from this screen and want to get back, you can always find it by clicking on the Home icon in the navigation bar.

This bar on the left is the main navigation that will take you to the screens you’ll be using 99% of the time. You can click the arrow to expand or collapse the navigation bar. Some screens have a sub navigation on them which you can see by clicking on the arrow.

At the top of the page you will see the screen name HOME as well as the Portfolio Name of the subscription you are working in. If you have access to multiple company’s portfolios you will see a section here that will allow you to select which Portfolio you want to work in. Here, we only have access to one company so Propared automatically selects it for us.

On the Home screen you will see a list of Recently Updated Projects. This will be a punch list of projects/shows that have recently been worked on. Initially this will be blank until you create your first project.

That’s it for the Home Screen, Next we’re going to look at the Contacts Screen where we will be looking at People, Organizations and Locations.

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