Part 10: Project Cloning and Templates Training Video (2:07)


Now that we’ve seen a lot of what Propared can do, let’s head back to the Projects screen.

From here, you can create new projects by cloning a past project. Let’s say we have another show coming up that’s practically identical to Lion Queen. I can use the Lion Queen as a start for my new show, so I don’t have to start everything from scratch. To do this, click on the New Project button in the right corner and instead of starting from a Blank Project, select Clone from Existing. The Source project is the Lion Queen, and now we are going to select a reference task from the Lion Queen Timeline to shift the timeframe of the new project to. I’m going to select our opening night performance. Now i’m going to select the date of the new opening night for my new project.

Now, i’m going to add the new Project Name, Sound of Muzak, give it a short name, color and I can add any Project Managers that I want to edit this project along side of me if I have any.

So, when we create this new Project it’s going to clone the Lion Queen and shift the timeline according to the new reference task.

Let’s pop over to the company calendar we created and give it a refresh to see our new show automatically added to it.

One great way to use the Clone from Existing Project is to set up a project that acts as a template. You can add in basic info like designer deadlines, a rough rehearsal schedule, locations and roles. Then clone from that, and use it as a starting point for your future productions. Using this feature, you’ll be able to build out a full complement of projects in no time. If you set the “Template” project status as “Draft” then it won’t show up in your Production Books.

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