Part 3: Creating Projects Training Video (5:22)


Let’s now head on over to the Projects screen. In the lefthand Navigation bar click on the File Folder Icon.

The Project Screen is where you will create the buckets in which you will work. For any theatre company or producing organization this will usually be the shows themselves, however you can also create projects to collect things that don’t belong to any one of the shows such as maintenance.

Creating a Project is the first objective in Propared, and is required to do most anything in Propared.

For now, we are going to go ahead and create a project that is one of our upcoming shows.

Click on the New Project button at the top and select Blank. This will create a blank Project. You can also create a new Project by Cloning an existing project. We’ll look at that more later.

Similarly to creating a new contact the Project Name is the only required field, and after you give your project a name, Propared will create the project automatically.

Let’s call this: The Lion Queen

Next, you can give projects a custom short name. Lion. This short name will be used in a few places in Propared in place of the full project name. If you don’t want a short name, you can leave it blank, and Propared will use the full project name instead.

You can give the project a color, which will help differentiate between projects in your calendars. SELECT Color

Start and End Dates. This is a set of dates that you can use to sort your projects and to give yourself a starting point in your Timeline. Think about this as if you were going to put the dates of the project up on a big calendar, what would you want to use? We are going to put in the first date of performances, and the last date of performances. You are not constrained by these dates in any way. You can also leave this blank and fill it in later.

SELECT July 11 – August 5

If you have Administrator access type you can provide access to project managers that you want to edit alongside you in this project straight from the Project Screen if you wish. Access is also handled in the Access Screen that we’ll get into in a later video. Note, the number of project managers you can add is dictated by your organizations subscription. You can search for someone already in your Contacts , or you can add an email address of someone new. Once you add the person you wish to provide PM access to they will receive an email from Propared to either start an account, or sign in with their existing account to see this new project.

Next are Categories. Categories in the Projects Screen are tags that you can use to break up your shows up into different types, such as staged readings, main company, or Event types You will be able to filter the Projects list by these categories.

I’m going to call this the Summer Series, and you can see you can now filter by this category.

There is a spot for internal details and a place to select the timezone that the show is in. It will default to the timezone for the Portfolio that is setup in the settings screen (we’ll look at that more later).

Lastly you will see the state dropdown. Active Projects are the projects you are currently working on and sharing externally. Draft Projects let you to edit a project in Propared without sharing it externally. Draft Projects are also great for post-production when you are still putting a project to bed, and no longer want to share it with others.

If you want to delete a project, you first have to archive it. This is because deleting a project also deletes everything associated with it and is permanent, so we want to make sure you really mean it.  You’ll want to archive projects when they are finished and have been put to bed. Archived projects do not show up anywhere else in Propared and are no longer available for sharing externally. You can always unarchive a project later. To archive a project just select the checkbox and select archive. Archived projects are moved into the Archive tab. If you really want to delete it, you can select the checkbox and click on delete in the More dropdown.

You just made your first project!

Lets make a second and third project now!

Stinky Boots

Dates 8/5 – 8/31

The Sound of Muzak

Dates 9/2 – 9/30

Now it’s time to head into a Project. One way is to use the go to menu to the right of the project. You can select to go into the Team, Timeline, Attachments or Production Books tabs

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