Part 11: Attachments and File Management Training Video (2:51)


Lets head over to the Attachments screen. Attachments allow you to store, manage, and share information that you store outside of Propared.

Propared does not physically host files. Instead an ‘Attachment’ is simply a URL that links out to anything you want. It could be a File, Folder, google sheet, webpage, etc. This allows you to pull together files from multiple places into Propared. For example, if your company uses dropbox but a guest designer shares something via Google Drive you can include them both. You can also use Attachments for linking out to other things like Forms and Webpages. And, if you need to change out the file you can simply update the link pointing to your file.

So, here in the Attachments Screen. Let’s create a new Attachment and give it a Name. Parking Map

Next we’ll want to paste in a link to a file. As an example, let’s say I want to link out to a file in my Dropbox. To get the link, I just navigate over to drop box, click “Share”, and copy the URL.

Then I pop back into Propared and paste in the link. This file is specific to the Lion Queen, however I could also tag this will multiple Projects or ALL PROJECTS. For instance if I have our venues COVID rules and regulations that should be available to all of my projects I can have one version of it here. That way if it the policy changes I can update the file link here, and the document will show up as the updated version for all of your projects.

I can also add categories, departments and a description of what I’ve linked to.

So, once I have my attachments created I can choose to include them in my production Books.

Lets add the Attachments Page to my Lion Queen Schedule. I’ll go down to the Attachments Page and enable it. If I leave it as All Project Attachments it will show any attachment that is tagged with the project Lion Queen, as well as any Attachments tagged with “All Projects”. I can also open the menu and choose very specific attachments from my project as well.

Now let’s take a look at this Production Book. Notice there is now an Attachments tab at the top.

When I click “Attachments” I’m taken to that page where I can see a list of all the Attachments that I’ve chosen to include. Just like the schedule, this list will auto-update as you make changes.

Listing Attachments with a schedule can be helpful in a huge variety of situations like creating a daily call sheet, assembling documents for a tour stop, making a venue request form available, or giving a crew member all the resources they’ll need to do their job that day.

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