Replacing or Swapping People in your Project Team

Replacing or Swapping People, Organizations or Locations in your Team

If you need to swapping someone out of a role mid project, change to an entirely new location, or go to a new vendor organization, there is an easy way to do this in Propared without having to start over.

  1. Navigate to the Team Screen and go into the Tab that matches who/where you want to swap out
  2. Select the row of the Team Member you want swap out.
  3. In the Name field, simply select a new Person, Organization or Location!
  4. The new person will show up everywhere the previous person was. Same with the Organization or Location!

Adding a Person to a Role

Propared lets you add a Role to a Project Team before you who know who will fill it.  Once you know who will fill the role simply add them to the record! Follow the same steps as above!

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