All About Location Conflicts

Sometimes we schedule events in the same location.  Propared makes sure that you always are notified so you can make the right decisions!

About Location Conflict Notifications

Location conflict notifications will appear when two of more events share the same location, and overlap in date and time.

Each conflicting event will show a conflict icon and additional details about the conflict can be viewed by clicking on the icon.

Turning Off Location Conflict Notifications

Conflict notifications can be turned off by:

  1. Open the sidebar for the event that is showing the conflict
  2. In the Team section, Unselect the "Event Affects Location Availability"

If you turn off this notification the conflict notifications will be removed only for that event.  The other event involved in the conflict will still show the conflict.  If you create a New Event that overlaps locations or date and times this event will still show the potential conflicts with the event, even if it's been unchecked.

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